About us

Located in Aix en Provence, in the south of France we are a limited edition Skateboard and Surfboard brand with an appreciation and love for all things surf and skate culture.

We regularly associate with artists, influencers and brands from around the world to produce limited-edition, art-inspired decks and boards that feature everything from vintage designs, classic European  and contemporary art.

We are on Skateboards & Surfboards since long before the term was invented and that the “coolness” of this lifestyle invaded the media and fashion.

We have been editing boards for 8 years and we have no mass produced pieces.

First and foremost, we are skaters and surfers.

Our boards are handmade in France, they’re also limited edition and numbered, making them beautiful pieces of artwork as well as functional for sidewalk or wave surfing.

                                                                                                          boom-art Workshop

13090 Aix en Provence , France