Highsnobiety Surfboard art deco

Highsnobiety X boom-art

Highsnobiety Teamed up With boom-art to Make Exclusive Floral Boards

limited edition set of surfboards and skateboards, curated by French brand boom-art.By the Dutch golden age painter Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) and his beautiful floral artwork.

Partnering with one of the best surf factories in Europe, Mignon’s signature flower bouquets have been applied across a diptych of double concave twin fish boards. Inspired by surfer Steve Liz, the shape is an icon of retro surf made to ride with style with a generous outline and big twin fins. Handmade in France, the duo of surfboards comes with a certificate of manufacture, fins, carrying case and wall-display hooks.

The 7-ply skateboards feature further artwork from Mignon and will be available in an edition of 50 diptych pairs. Each features Highsnobiety and boom-art logos on the top sheet.

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