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  • For the Red Cross

    boom-art x Petites Luxures for the Red Cross We are going to offer the  8 skateboards we made together to be won in the form of a raffle,All of the funds raised  will be donated to the Red Cross You can participate by placing an order of 10 euros or more on our websiteyour order number will match on…

  • Holenite Pool !!!!

    Our Secret and Rad skateboard pool in South of France This is the Real Thing Alex Sorgente , Vince Matheron , Keegan Palmer and Chris Russell at home / @RedBullskate Holenite pool On a huge and remote property lies a bowl which is unique, even if experienced riders probably have their share of stories describing…

  • surfboard art

    Surf & Sk8

    Our Surfboard are Hand made in France , they are also Limited Edition And numbered ,making them Beautiful pieces of artwork as well as functional for sidewalk or wave surfing

  • Learn & Skate

    Learn & Skate is a nonprofit organisation based in France dedicated to bringing Skateboard Culture and education to a global level ,We are partner at boom-art to help raise funds for the new cultural center and skatepark that Learn & Skate built in Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia

  • Louis XIV skateboard art

    Louis XIV Sk8

    Louis XIV 300 Years Old Skateboards Limited Edition / OAK from a French Church Church structure of the XVII century Only 5 copies which constitute the full beam

  • vintage surf petites luxures art

    Vintage Surf

    Vintage wood surf ,made in France ,Limited edition by boom-art Bellyboarding is the oldest form of surfing from ancient Hawaii & the Polynesian islands. The board design was based on the ancient Hawaiin Paipo boards (Paipo meaning short or small board). In Hawaii, people learnt the art of riding prone on these short wooden boards…

  • Guy le Tatooer SK8 Series

    Limited edition Boom-art x La Digue , 50% of sales will be donated to La Digue in France for the renovation of their DIY skatepark / Photo M Luppi

  • Highsnobiety Surfboard art deco

    Highsnobiety X boom-art

    Highsnobiety Teamed up With boom-art to Make Exclusive Floral Boards limited edition set of surfboards and skateboards, curated by French brand boom-art.By the Dutch golden age painter Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) and his beautiful floral artwork. Partnering with one of the best surf factories in Europe, Mignon’s signature flower bouquets have been applied across a diptych…

  • Gucci X boom-art

    Gucci diptych Surfoard & Skateboard For Gucci , we create a montage video of surreal scenes in and arround skateboarding and a limited edition of diptych Surfboard and Skateboard

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